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Host a GoLocker

Become part of our growing parcel locker network for returns and pickups. All carriers, and all brands

Become a GoLocker Host
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GoLocker for Hosts

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Customer loyalty

Expand your service offering by providing exclusive perks, rewards, or discounts for your loyal customers

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Turn key solution

GoLocker provides servicing to the lockers for package pickups and returns

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No equipment cost

GoLocker provides and maintains the equipment.

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Out-of-home (OOH) delivery is part of sustainable eco-system.

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Be in the know

Be part of a secure and connected network that provides real-time information on package delivery and asset management.

GoLocker for Hosts

Are you looking to partner with us? Send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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GoLocker has improved The RealReal’s operational efficiencies, created on-brand touch points for their business model, and enabled more peace of mind.


Why host a GoLocker?

Expand your service offerings and customer loyalty in your local community.

Where can I place a Locker?

Lockers can be placed in any indoor or outdoor space that is accessible to the public.

What are the requirements to host a locker?

Access to electricity and a minimum of 6 feet of linear footage

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What is GoLocker?

GoLocker is an out-of-home delivery solution for anyone, any brand, anytime.

We see you, online shopper.

Never sweat about a stolen package again.

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