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How The RealReal
uses GoLocker

The RealReal is an online and brick-and-mortar marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment. The RealReal sells consigned clothing, fine jewelry, watches, fine art, and home decor.

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Some of these items are one of a kind – truly irreplaceable. So The RealReal needed to partner with someone who could ensure their unique items got into the right hands with zero interference.

We partner with TheRealReal in two ways:

  1. TRR luxury managers utilize GoLocker as secure drop-off points for recently authenticated items. GoLocker aggregates these items daily from all locations and returns them to the processing facility.

  2. Designated consignors receive access to the GoLocker network to provide additional optionality for getting consignment goods back to TRR to be sold on the website.

By partnering with GoLocker, The RealReal was able to:

  • Increase sales manager productivity and increase delivery efficiency by offering convenient and secure solutions for TheRealReal’s luxury managers to aggregate drop-offs

  • Provide on-brand experiences for their consignors

  • Offer contactless ways for their consignors to transport an item to their headquarters or closest TRR location

  • Create branded lockers that increased marketing exposure

  • Guarantee deliveries – have never lost an item

woman taking a small package out of locker
woman taking package out of locker

“With GoLocker, we’ve improved The RealReal’s operational efficiencies, created on-brand touch points for their business model, and enabled more peace of mind.”

What matters to you, matters to us – no matter the dollar value. Whether it’s a tennis ball or a one-of-a-kind tennis shoe, GoLocker will get it there safely.

We see you, online shopper.

Never sweat about a stolen package again.

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