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What is the difference between Personal and Business Users?

Great question! Personal accounts are for anyone who wants to use one of our neighborhood locations (like the one you may have just seen at your grocery store). If you’re looking for a convenient and safe way to manage your deliveries this is the place to click. Business users are property owners looking to install a GoLocker at their location.

What makes GoLocker better than package home delivery?

Home delivery is great, but if you’re not there when the package arrives your brand new yoga mat gets held at a sorting facility. (Who even knows where that place is?) Or your package is left on your doorstep for someone to steal. We make sure someone is there to sign for your stuff and allow you to pick up your package securely when you want and where you want.

For enterprise customers, our service allows you to eliminate an entire task from your workday. No more mailroom management. No more parcel security concerns.

What makes GoLocker better for shipping?

We have no deadlines or holding times. We’ll pick it up whenever you drop it off whether it’s on your way to work or on your way to meet friends.

Are my packages safe?

All GoLockers are indoors and guarded with state-of-the-art smart locks. Once we secure your package in our lockers we will send you (and you alone) a Pick-Up Code that will let you open your locker whenever you’re ready. If you ever feel a package was damaged under our care just let us know and we’ll work with you to resolve the problem. More about that in our Terms of Service.

What does GoLocker do once it gets my package?

Once the courier delivers your package to our warehouse, we email you that we’ve received it. We welcome it in from its long journey with a tall glass of lemon water and a moist cloth for its sweaty brow. Next we give it a safe, secure place to rest (our beautiful, proprietary package lockers) and email you with your Pick-Up Code. At the locker, you just enter your account number and your Pick-Up Code. The locker will automatically open so you can rendezvous with your package.

When will my package be delivered to a GoLocker?

Our goal is to have your package waiting for you at a GoLocker the same afternoon it would’ve been delivered to your home. We’re serious about this. One time when a shipment came in late our CEO ran out on foot to make sure a customer’s parcel arrived on time. Generally, we drop off packages between 2PM and 8PM local time.

How will I know my package is ready for pick up?

After we email you that your package has been delivered to our warehouse, we email you again as soon as it’s been placed into the GoLocker. This email includes your Pick-Up Code. You could also try using a psychic, but we have found that to be less effective.

When can I pick up my package during the day?

You can pick up your package any time the delivery GoLocker location is open.

Please visit our location guide for the hours of your specific locker location.

How much time do I have to pick up my package?

After we email you, you’ll have 24-72 hours to swing by a GoLocker and grab your stuff. A luxurious 72 hours to pick up your stuff if you’re on our Premium Plan.

Why are the shipping and the GoLocker addresses different?

Enterprise accounts are addressed and delivered to the appropriate property location. Individual accounts are addressed and delivered to GoLocker’s central warehouse. We then deliver the package to the GoLocker you chose.

What does a GoLocker membership cost?

We offer a variety of monthly subscription plans, which vary in benefits and services. Our starter plan is just $1.99 per package. Whichever plan you sign up for, your first package delivery is completely FREE.

Which couriers work with GoLocker?

We accept packages from pretty much all couriers including: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT, as well as all local carriers. If your favorite courier doesn’t work with us yet, ask them why and give them our card.

What can I ship through GoLocker?

As long as it fits in one of our lockers and adheres to our Terms & Conditions, you can ship pretty much anything. The maximum package size is: 18″ wide x 15″ high x 24″ deep. The maximum weight is: 45 pounds.

What types of packages can be delivered?

As long as your package complies with all our Terms and Conditions, GoLocker accepts just about everything. The only exceptions are packages that exceed size and weight limitations. Check out the next question about limits.

What are the package size and weight limits?

The maximum package size is: 18″ wide x 15″ high x 24″ deep. The maximum weight is: 45 pounds. For oversized packages, you have two options:

  1. Arrange with us for home delivery at an extra charge.
  2. Pick up the package yourself at our warehouse for no extra charge.
Will my package delivery to GoLocker ever be delayed?

Rarely. Sometimes weather, traffic conditions or unplanned spikes in locker capacity will prevent us from fulfilling order as quickly as we’d like. If the primary locker is full, your package goes to your secondary locker. If that one is also full, we will wait until a space opens up.

If we receive your package too late in the day, we’ll deliver it to the GoLocker the day after. As always, as soon as your package is delivered to the GoLocker, we will email (or text, if you prefer) you with your Pick-Up Code.

What if my package hasn’t been delivered to GoLocker?

First your courier has to deliver the package to us! We’ll do everything we can to help you out until that happens, though. Here are some ideas:

Check to be sure the GoLocker address you gave to your shipper is correct.Using your shipper’s tracking number, go to your shipper’s website or contact them directly.

What if my Pick-Up Code doesn’t open the locker?

If you’ve tried reentering your account number and your Pick-Up Code and the locker still doesn’t open, contact us at:

What if my Pick-Up Code doesn’t open the locker?

If you’ve tried reentering your account number and your Pick-Up Code and the locker still doesn’t open, contact us at:

Why wasn’t my Pick-Up Code emailed to me?

Hmm, let’s look into that together. There are a few possibilities.

  • Check your spam folder, please!
  • Your shipper hasn’t delivered your package to our warehouse.
  • Using your shipper’s tracking number, go to their website and look for the status of your package or just contact them directly.
  • We have your package but haven’t as yet delivered it to the GoLocker because of weather, traffic or time of receipt.
  • The email with your Pick-Up Code may have bounced or landed in your spam.
  • To double check if this is what happened, log into the GoLocker website and check for the package status in your Dashboard. If it has been delivered to the locker, the Pick-Up Code will be displayed. If the package hasn’t yet been delivered to the locker, this means it‘s on its way or we haven’t received it. When in doubt, contact us at:
What if I’m not satisfied?

Then we have a problem! When you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. If there is ever an issue that we can’t resolve, we’ll give you a full refund on your package delivery. See our Terms & Conditions for more information. Please contact us at – your happiness is our primary concern.

What if I forgot what’s in my package?

We don’t open your packages, so we have no idea what they contain. We suggest you keep a record of your packages by using your shipping tracking numbers. We do record the tracking number of the shipment, which you can view by logging into and viewing your Dashboard.

What’s the cost to ship a package through GoLocker?

We charge a small fee for shipping your package. Please see our pricing page for details. Also, please make sure your package has these important details:

For USPS, include:correct shipping info senders info destination info correct postageFor FedEx, UPS, DHL or other courier services, include:a properly filled out shipping label with a valid bill to account designationIf we don’t get the information above we don’t have enough information to send your package! So we’ll contact you and get things straightened away (usually means sending the package back to you so you can fill in what’s missing!)

All undocumented packages will be subjected to inspection by local authorities.

What do you mean by Brand Partners?

Brand partners are companies who contract services through GoLocker. A few of our partner brands include:

What do Brands we service mean?

Brands we service means these are the brands our GoLocker members shop at and we accept on their behalf via the GoLocker network. A few of the brands we service include:

We see you, online shopper.

Never sweat about a stolen package again.

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