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Inside every locker is a story.

A woman using the app to unlock the door of the GoLocker.
A woman is unlocking the package at the GoLocker touchpad.
A smiling woman is taking the package out of the locker.

Meet Nigel, our founder! Born in Grenada and sent to live with his aunt in Brooklyn for several years until his mom could make it over, his story is that of the American dream. ✨

Later in life, Nigel moved from Brooklyn to Orlando where he met his now co-founder, Amanda, who was friends with Nigel from the time he took the trip to Germany where he saw how Europe utilized lockers. Amanda then invested in GoLocker and joined full-time as co-founder.

Nigel Thomas headshot.A white speaker.

Nigel Thomas

CEO & Founder

Nigel is a bit of an audiophile and enjoys listening to music at home in his free time. Favorite package: receiving dog food on time from Spot & Tango, weekly groceries from Imperfect Foods, and my new fancy blender I ordered online to make smoothies, food, and cocktails.

Amanda Cowan Sanchez headshot.A bottle of wine.

Amanda Cowan Sanchez

COO & Co-Founder

When Amanda is not dreaming about lockers, you can find her either on a hiking trail, cooking, reading a book, or enjoying a glass of one of her favorite CA Central Coast Wines! Favorite package: wine from her favorite vineyard in Paso Robles.

To join them on this journey, they recruited their favorite experts in their field. Sherin from logistics and Kiley from sales.

Sherin Davis headshot.a white coffee mug

Sherin Davis

Chief Product Officer

In Sherin’s spare time, Sherin is practicing yoga or spending time outdoors with family and friends hiking or biking. Favorite package: coffee blends from Eight O'Clock Coffee or specialty coffee roasters.

Kiley Tkaczyk headshot.a person practicing yoga

Kiley Tkaczyk

Lead, Business Development

Kiley is a music-loving, yoga enthusiast who is always looking for the next best place in nature to camp. Favorite package: care packages from her mother.

Ray Belgarde headshot.Climbing gear.

Ray Belgarde

Operations Specialist

Ray is a fitness enthusiast with a huge appreciation for philosophy and history. Favorite package: climbing gear and any equipment for upcoming challenges.

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