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Your package
securely delivered and returned

It’s time to get back control of your deliveries. Prevent lost and stolen packages with the secure, flexible, on-brand locker experience by GoLocker.

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What is GoLocker?

GoLocker is an out-of-home delivery solution for anyone, any brand, anytime.

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GoLocker for Retailers

More than 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing every day, adding up to more than $25 million in lost goods and services (New York Times).

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Save money

Prevention of lost and stolen packages, high first-time delivery rate, reduce delivery costs for merchants and reduce delivery costs for end-users.

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goods locally

Provide contactless pick up drop off points (PUDO).

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Stay on brand

Offer on-brand experiences to your customers even when they leave the store with branded and secure lockers.

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Give them what they want

Improve your customer’s experience (CX) with more flexible options for where and how they buy, including BOPIS.

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Be in the know

Be part of a secure and connected network that provides real-time information on package delivery and asset management.

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Out-of-home (OOH) delivery reduces carbon emissions.

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Return with ease

Contactless, expedited return process for shoppers.

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GoLocker has improved The RealReal’s operational efficiencies, created on-brand touch points for their business model, and enabled more peace of mind.

GoLocker for Carriers

Working with all carriers. Integrate seamlessly with GoLocker.

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local delivery

Enable intramarket deliveries.

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Optimize routes

Reduce delivery stops; delivery more to fewer locations.

Reduce costs

Eliminate redelivery attempts, consolidation of deliveries.

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Reduce emissions

Fewer stops equal fewer emissions.

Integrate with GoLocker

GoLocker for Hosts

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Increase foot traffic

More exposure to new customers.

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Offer branded experience

Advertise on a GoLocker.

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Offer buy online pick up in store

Utilize GoLocker for your own customers.

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Our Promise

Almost 24% of greenhouse gases come from the logistics industry. We are changing that one locker at a time.

Go Green with GoLocker
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We see you, online shopper.

Never sweat about a stolen package again.

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