New York City continues to be a top travel destination of choice, attracting a record-high 65 million visitors last year. Many visitors are seeking a more authentic and immersive taste of life in the Big Apple, and are dismissing big-name hotels in favor of less conventional lodging choices such as temporary residences and hostels. Yet while planning a travel itinerary has never been easier, with an enormous catalog of traditional travel guides and travel influencers across blogs and social media, managing personal deliveries while traveling remains difficult for tourists.

For travelers opting for short-term rentals, hostels, or other forms of temporary lodging that lack concierge or doorman service, when you absolutely need that package from home or the office, or wish to purchase online for use during your trip, conventional delivery options may be limited or inadequate. Even those staying in large hotels may experience some hassles getting their packages. GoLocker provides all travelers, whether you are staying in a hotel or alternative residence, a cost-effective way to manage your personal package and online shopping deliveries while visiting New York City. The steps below explain how to sign up for and use GoLocker’s services in preparation for your next trip to our fair city.

Creating An Account

Creating an account through GoLocker allows any traveler access to our growing network of lockers conveniently located throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens. Download the GoLocker mobile app found on the App Store or on Google Play and follow the instructions to complete setup.

Mobile Phone Numbers

A mobile phone number is required to complete the account verification process. You can utilize a US phone number or your international mobile from your country of residence. When signing up using an international mobile phone, we require a “011” be added before entering your number. For example, a traveler from the UK might enter “011” + 441231231231 to properly receive the verification code via SMS and complete the registration process.

Sending Packages to GoLocker

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail with a unique account number and instructions on how to properly address packages to the GoLocker fulfillment center. Please note: never ship items directly to a locker. We need to route all packages through our fulfillment center for security reasons, and it makes the process run much more smoothly.

The shipping address found in your welcome email should look like this:

First, Last Name / Account Number


Address Line 1

City, State, Zip Code

Your primary locker is where your packages will get delivered. Once your item arrives at our fulfillment center, updates get sent via SMS and e-mail to the customer notifying them that GoLocker received their package. The package will then get delivered same-day to your primary locker. You will receive another SMS and/or e-mail with a pickup code needed to retrieve your item from your GoLocker.

Package Holding

When you order online you will receive an estimated delivery date for your package. In many instances, the time the package arrives may be much quicker than the date originally predicted when you placed the order, leaving you to scramble to intercept the delivery. GoLocker provides international tourists flexible short storage options allowing packages to arrive, be held at our fulfillment center for up to 14 days and delivered on a specific date of their choosing. Ordering items in advance of your arrival ensures your packages will arrive on time and avoid any potential lengthy delays — such as weather or other shipping-related issues — that may arise. Customers can inquire further about short-term storage by sending an e-mail to requesting this option.

Picking Up Packages From A GoLocker

Once an item has been delivered to your locker, you will receive another SMS and/or e-mail with a pickup code. Using the GoLocker app, simply walk up to the touch screen, enter your phone or e-mail, and enter just one pickup code. All doors containing packages for you will open for maximum efficiency, and you’ll be on your merry way. Just make sure to check all lockers for all items before closing the compartment doors.

There you have it! These steps will give any traveler to NYC the power of ordering packages online or receiving packages from their home and collecting them from a GoLocker, according to their schedule, with no worries. Have a great visit, and enjoy your days sightseeing and shopping your way through New York City knowing that your packages will be safely waiting for you at a GoLocker location near your new temporary home.

But, wait: You can also send packages!

At some point during your stay, your luggage may achieve maximum density from all of your newly acquired NYC treasures. If shipping your goods back home rather than flying with them appeals to you, contact us at for more details and rates.