Package and Refrigerated GoLockers

First: What is GoLocker?

We’re a one-stop package management solution ready to keep you from ever missing another delivery. GoLocker provides same day locker delivery to our network of smart package lockers located in apartment buildings, retail stores and even your neighborhood convenience store, providing you with the ultimate flexibility to live life and collect your packages on your schedule. GoLocker makes receiving online orders and handling shipping safe, easy, and convenient.

Why would I want to send my packages to a locker?

Perhaps your building doesn’t have a doorman, and sometimes parcels don’t get the security they deserve. Maybe you’ve missed a delivery and had to wait in line at the post office during your lunch break or stay home from work to try and catch your deliveries. Maybe that’s happened enough to make you think there must be a better way.

Where are these GoLockers?

We have a growing number of locations throughout NYC in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, including our dedicated retail storefront in the East Village of Manhattan. Most of our installations are for public use (available for anyone to sign up and use), but there are a growing number of apartment buildings in NYC that have their own private GoLockers installed. Don’t have a GoLocker in your building, condo or co-op yet? Nag your landlord, property manager or board! Recommend your building to us and we’ll send them a message on your behalf.  And more GoLocker locations are coming! To find a GoLocker near your home or work, click here.

So how does this work?

Download our mobile app from the App or Google Play store and let the fun begin!

  • Sign up.
  • Order online or direct someone to send you something, using the unique shipping address for all your packages given in your welcome e-mail.
  • Package arrives at the GoLocker processing facility (the unique address).
  • You receive notification(s) via text/e-mail and the package will be prepared for delivery to your GoLocker same day.
  • Your package is delivered to your GoLocker.
  • You receive an e-mail and/or text message with a unique code for each package.
  • Use your phone to access the GLocker location, if necessary.
  • At the GoLocker kiosk, touch the screen and follow directions.
  • Watch as the locker containing your package pops open. Joy!
  • Collect your package and go about your day, or night.
  • Repeat! Why would you ship any other way?

Does using GoLocker add to my delivery time?

No, and it could substantially decrease your delivery time, if it saves a courier from having to make multiple delivery attempts to get it to your door. Packages that arrive daily to the GoLocker Fulfilment Center are scanned in and sent to the locker same day.

How long do I have to collect my package?

GoLocker members are expected to collect their items from the locker within 48 hours of their first notification. After 48 hours, if the locker is needed for other members’ packages, your item may be removed and returned to the GoLocker fulfillment center. You will always receive a message if a package is removed from the locker. If after 14 days we don’t receive a request to re-deliver the package to the locker, the item is marked unclaimed and will be returned to sender.

What can I have delivered to a GoLocker?

Just about anything you’d buy online and have sent to your home, as long as it fits in one of our lockers (see below). So, barring that occasional kayak or table saw, you’re all set. We even have refrigerated lockers, for perishable items. So sign up for that CSA now and start eating healthier!

What if my package requires a signature for release?

That’s the beauty of having your packages sent to our fulfillment center before getting put in one of our lockers: there’s always a human on hand to welcome it and give it whatever it needs, such as a signature or a dusting off.

How big are the GoLockers?

The beauty of our lockers is in their design. Optimized for the package demands of today, our compartments range in small, medium, large and extra large sizes accommodating almost all your needs.

Do you handle returns?

Absolutely, and just as seamlessly as we handle deliveries.

What does this cost?

You can sign up for a membership plan starting as low as $20.00 or an individual pay per package plan starting at $3.

How do I sign up?

For residents with a dedicated GoLocker in their building, contact your property manager for a unique location code and follow instructions to sign up from our mobile app or from the website.

For all other members signing up for a GoLocker account, on the GoLocker app or website select “Register” and proceed to enter your zip code. Select a locker and complete the account registration to confirm your account. Once registration is complete you’ll receive a welcome email with important details on where to send your packages.  

A US or an international cell phone number and a valid credit card are required to create a GoLocker account.  

What if I’m using an international phone number?

Make sure to include “011” then your international cell phone number to receive your a GoLocker account. If you encounter any problems, make sure to reach out to our support for immediate help.

What do I do if I have a problem with collecting my package?

We are known for our customer support here at GoLocker. There will always be a human ready to answer your calls or emails, and we do our best to make sure any issues are handled as quickly as possible. We are small and nimble, and have been known to send our CEO out on foot if that’s what the job demanded. Shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll promptly follow up with you.